MicrosoftEDU is offering a series of Remote Learning Webinars to support school digital learning days!  These webinars will address various Microsoft digital learning tools like Flipgrid and Teams.  They will also include discussions with strategies for several topics now at the forefront of learning such as social emotional learning, school/community well being, and digital learning support for students and families.  There is even an interview on distance learning with expert, Alan November.  All Microsoft Remote Learning Webinars are held at 6:00 pm EST.  After the live events, links are provided to the recordings on YouTube, and the presentation slides are also available.  

The schedule is constantly being updated, so click here to join or review a webinar and learn today:  Microsoft Remote Learning Webinar Schedule

This week’s features include School Leadership and Distance Learning; Special Education and Accessibility Resources for Remote Learning; and Teams EDU as implemented in the Tacoma, Washington school district.

Cobb InTech will provide a live Friday Follow-up on all tool and ideas presented on Friday, May 15th!  To join the live session CLICK HERE.  

Remember to tweet @CobbInTech and share what you learned-and be sure to also tag @MicrosoftEDU.            #CobbInTechOnDemand #AnytimeLearning

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