CobbInTech will help you in getting even SMARTer with using SMART Notebook!  SMART Notebook is interactive whiteboard software available on all Cobb teacher laptops that can be used with your Recordex Simplicity Touch screen.  But…there is much more to SMART than just a basic interactive whiteboard.  Learn strategies on how you can apply the many tools in SMART Notebook to develop outstanding lessons for students that bring content to life.  Make the most of all SMART Notebook has to offer for teaching and learning!  

CLICK HERE to view the On Demand webinar.   

Cobb InTech will provide a live Friday Follow-up on Friday, May 15th!  To join the live session CLICK HERE

Remember to tweet @CobbInTech and share what you learned.            #CobbInTechOnDemand #AnytimeLearning

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