CobbInTech can support you in learning about the different activities available in BrainPOP!  BrainPOP is a classroom tool that many teachers associate with longevity-because it has stood the test of time-and kept on improving.  It is one of the more popular tech tools among Cobb teachers with its short videos and follow up activities.  But there is so much more to BrainPOP then just demonstrative videos. Cobb teachers also have the ability to give students assignments.  In addition, each video has a variety of corresponding learning tasks that go far beyond the traditional multiple choice quiz.  BrainPOP now has variety of opportunities for students to apply and share their learning-in one resource that they already know and adore.  Increase student engagement with the brilliant tools in BrainPOP!

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Cobb InTech will provide a live Friday Follow-up on Friday, May 15th!  To join the live session CLICK HERE.  

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