Apple is ready to support teachers in learning more about remote learning resources that can best support students!  These live and recorded webinars will help teachers use Apple product features with digital learning. Topics include tools from Clips to sharing presentations to accessibility tools with the Apple Education Leadership and Learning teams serving as your hosts.  All webinars are 15 minutes or less, so Apple has provided a great way to teachers to learn and practice new tools quickly.  The Apple remote learning webinars have been recorded with direct links included below.  

Topic Date Time
Create and Share Presentations and Demos Wednesday, 4/15 Recording now available
Connect and Collaborate Remotely Wednesday, 4/22 Recording now available
Prepare Resources for Remote Learning Tuesday, 4/28 Recording now available
Accessibility: Improve Reading Fluency Tuesday, 5/5 Recording now available
Create Engaging Videos with Clips Monday, 5/11 Recording now available

Full Apple webinar schedule:  Apple Education Learning Series Webinars

Cobb InTech will provide a live Friday Follow-up on all tool and ideas presented on Friday, May 15th!  To join the live session CLICK HERE.  

Remember to tweet @CobbInTech and share what you learned-and be sure to also tag @AppleEDU.            #CobbInTechOnDemand #AnytimeLearning

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