April 27th – May 1st – Week #6 of Digital Learning

Business Level I

Monday, April 27, 2020

Hello Level I students. Your assignments last week looked good. It seems like most of you have a good basic knowledge of business ownership. Keep in mind that those of you moving on to Level II next year will get a good review of those ownership concepts. Let’s move on to franchising!!!!! I am sure that you are already familiar with MANY franchises – McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Marriott Hotels, H&R Block to name a few. These are considered business format franchises. There are also product distribution franchises that simply sell the franchiser’s products. Some well known product distribution franchises are Pepsi and Ford Motor Company. There are a lot of pros and cons to owning a franchise. But, if you are interested in entrepreneurship and have some capital to invest, franchising is a great way to “own” your own business.

Franchising is defined by state and federal laws as a business relationship between two parties that gives: 1. a person or group of people (the franchisee) the right to sell a product or service using a trademark or trade name of another business (the franchiser) 2. The franchisee the right to market a product or service using the operating methods of the franchiser and 3. The franchisee the obligation to pay the franchiser fees for these rights.

So basically, you can contact Subway corporate offices, let them know you want to buy a Subway location. You pay them a franchise fee, they provide you with training and the “ok” to use their name, their product distributors, their marketing ideas. When you make a profit, you OWE them some of the money (called a royalty fee).  But basically you are your own boss and you can make money. Now, it is MUCH MORE COMPLICATED than this, but at the heart of franchising, this is basically what happens. 🙂

Assignment #1:  Handout link below. I am providing you with a couple of articles I would like for you to read. Drawing from the information in the articles, you will answer some questions on the pros and cons of owning a franchise.

The assignment has three parts – They are all based on the articles that are on the worksheet. Please do not try and complete the three parts until you have read both articles. You may also research the internet for additional information to help you with the three parts of this assignment.

Franchising – Level I

Also, I am providing a copy of a VENN diagram below. You should use this as a guide to create your own VENN diagram for Part three of your assignment above. You will use the diagram to note how franchising and business opportunity ownership are the same (middle section of diagram) and how they are different (outer sections of diagram). I’m sure that you have used a VENN diagram before, and should have no problem completing the assignment.

Venn Diagram – Franchise

SO, you will send me two documents this week: The first document will contain parts one and two of the handout. The second document will be a VENN diagram which will be created by you and completed with information on franchising and business opportunities.

Assignments are due by Friday, May 1st at 3:30 – Let me know if you have questions. Stay safe!



April 20 – April 24 – Week #5 of Digital Learning

Sunday, April 19 

Hey everybody. Hope you are all doing well. Nice job on your tables last week. I appreciate the fact that you used some formatting techniques and used things like: Merging cells, font face, font color, styles and margins to not only be creative, but make your table fit on the page appropriately. I also appreciate the fact that you remembered your tables lessons and used proper grammar (capitalizations) and appropriate cell size (columns and rows) so that your information fit properly. This week, you will use that table (and PowerPoints on this site) to complete your assignments. The information provided to you last week will help you complete the handouts.

Assignment #1: Ownership Review Handout – A good review for sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. Be sure to answer questions #16 – #20 with complete sentences that are content rich and grammatically correct.

Ownership Review Handout

Assignment #2: Evaluating Business Ownership – Read each of the scenarios and follow the directions carefully. Use your knowledge of business ownership to decide which form of ownership would be most appropriate and be sure to support your answers.

Evaluating Business Ownership

April 13 – April 17 – Digital Learning Week #4

Introduction to Business and Technology – Spring 2020!

Wednesday, April 15 

Hello everyone. It was awesome to see you all and talk with you this morning. I hope that I covered all the information you needed regarding grades and your options for the remainder of the school year. As promised, here is the remaining PowerPoint that you will use to complete your ownership table. When the table is complete, please send to me as an attachment in an email. Please submit to me no later than Friday, April 17th at 3:30 p.m. – Keep a copy for yourself. You will use this table to complete assignments for next week. If you have done a good job on the table, you should be able to use it for all assignments next week. If not, you will need to refer back to the PowerPoints provided to help you.

Corporations – LLC – Non-Profits

Sunday, April 12th

Hello everyone. Happy Spring! I hope that everyone is doing well and staying healthy! I have set up a Zoom meeting for Wednesday, April 15th at 10:00 a.m. – This is a mandatory Zoom meeting so I hope that you will try and attend. I am sending an email to your email/your parent’s email that will provide a link for you to click to join the Zoom meeting. I will answer questions that you have about your grades moving forward and how the remainder of the semester will go. I will also review sole proprietorships and partnerships (general and limited). Please make sure that you complete Monday and Tuesday’s assignments BEFORE the Zoom meeting so that I can answer any questions that you have regarding these two forms of ownership.

This week we will be completing the table that you created last week so that we can begin the important concepts of business ownership. Before you begin completing the table, go ahead and add another column titled TAXES to your table as I will address how each form of ownership has to pay taxes in the PowerPoints attached.

Monday and Tuesday Assignment:

Assignment #1: Use the PowerPoint on Sole Proprietorships (linked below) and complete the Sole Proprietorship ROW of your business ownership table – you will fill in the cells for ownership, start up costs, liability, decision making, advantages and disadvantages and taxes.

Sole Proprietorship – 2020

Assignment #2: Use the PowerPoint on Partnerships and complete the General and Limited Partnership ROWS of your business ownership table – you will fill in the cells for ownership, start up costs, liability, decision making, advantages, disadvantages and taxes.

Partnerships 2020

Wednesday Assignment:

Join the Zoom meeting at 10:00 a.m. – I will review sole proprietorships and partnerships. Also, I will briefly discuss corporations, LLCs and non profits. I will then upload PowerPoints on these three forms of ownership so that you may complete the table and begin to answer some questions and complete some assignments regarding ownership.