Week of 1-22-19

Here’s what we are learning this week:

Reading:  SS.3.G3 – Students are learning about the 13 colonies. This week we are focusing on the Middle Colonies. Students will learn about the life, education, resources and the economy in the Middle Colonies.


Math: MGSE3.MD.4- Students will partition shapes and label models with fractions


Writing: W.3.10- Opinion Writing-  Students are working through the writing process to write an opinion piece on which animal is the best pet to have. Students will learn how to use an informational text to create their opinion piece.



IB Unit 4:  How we organize ourselves.

Central Idea: Available resources and motivations of communities determines economics.

Learner Profile Traits- Principled, Balanced, Thinkers

Lines of Inquiry:

Soil has different attributes.

Goods and services allocated depend upon location, availability, and cost.

There are 4 types of productive resources.

People make choices to save or spend money.

Colonial life was affected by role/title in the community and where you lived.

Colonies were founded for a variety of reasons.



Important Dates:

January 22- Spirit Night @ Murph’s

January 25- International Night

February 1- Six Flags reading logs are due

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