Week of 4-8-19

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Welcome back!! Can you believe we are officially on the downhill to the end of the school year?! But before we get ahead of ourselves, we still have a lot of learning to do before testing!

Here’s what we are learning this week:

Reading:  Students will be able to:

Obtain, evaluate, & communicate information about the ways heat energy is transferred & measured.
a. Ask questions to identify sources of heat energy.
b. Plan & carry out an investigation to gather data using thermometers to produce tables & charts that illustrate the effect of sunlight on various objects (Clarification statement: The use of both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales is expected.)
c. Use tools & every day materials to design & construct a device/ structure that will increase/ decrease the warming effects of sunlight on various materials.

Math:  Students will classify shapes based on their attributes. Here is a website students can also use for extra practice for each standard http://www.free-test-online.com/ccss/grade3/grade3_ccss.html

Writing- Students will respond to an informational text using what they know about the writing process. They will work on Milestone type writing prompts.

Curriculum Updates

Transdisciplinary Theme: How the World Works

Central Idea: Cycles create environmental changes.

Learner Profile Trait- Inquirer

Lines of Inquiry:
• Fossils are evidence of environmental change in the past.
• Wind and water change rocks.
• Movement of heat causes temperature change.
• Rocks are classified by texture, luster, hardness, and color.

Important Dates:-

Tuesday, April 16- EOG Testing: ELA
Wednesday, April 17- EOG Testing: ELA
Thursday, April 18- EOG Testing: ELA
Wednesday, April 24- EOG Testing: Math
Thursday, April 25- EOG Testing: Math
Friday, April 26- All Pro Dads @ 7:00am
Tuesday, April 30- Spirit Night @ Wade’s 7pm


Milestone Practice-Attached is a Milestone package that has examples for you and your child to practice over the next month. Please use this great resource!


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