All About Second Grade

Welcome to second grade. Listed are what students will be doing in all content areas throughout the year.

Reading/Language Arts

  • A mini-lesson is taught on a specific skill.
  • Small group instruction based on clusters of students with similar goals
  • Students complete vocabulary activities
  • Students learn how to read for meaning

Second Grade Focus Areas:

– Main Idea

– Ask/Answer Questions

– Recount/Summarize

– Story Structure

– Identifying the relationship between events/cause and  effect

-Point of View

-Multiple Meaning Words




  • A mini-lesson is taught on a specific skill.
  • Students will then have individual time to apply these skills in their own writing.
  • One-on-one or small group conferencing with students is done at this time

Focus Areas:





Students will use the following throughout the week to enhance their math skills:

Small groups with a teacher

Fluency (math facts)

Math Activity (activities & games focusing on math skills)

Independent Practice

Problem Solving Activities


Second Grade Focus Areas:

-Addition and Subtraction Strategies

-Place Value

-Multiplication and Division



-One and Two Step Word Problems


Science/Social Studies


Rocks and Minerals


-Weathering and Erosioin


-Georgia Habitats and Adaptations

-Conservation and Recycling


Social Studies



-American Indian Cultures

-European Exploration

British Colonial America

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