February 7

Join us as we celebrate kindness at Cheatham Hill. We will be paying special attention in our classroom to the kind things we do for one another and talking about how to spread kindness everywhere!

Monday : Champions Care!
Wear your favorite Cheatham Hill spirit wear!
Kindness Challenge: Invite a new friend to sit by you at lunch!

Tuesday: Be a Buddy!
Dress alike with a buddy from your class!
Kindness Challenge: Write a thank you note to a Cheatham Hill staff member. Be sure to deliver it!

Wednesday: Hats off to kindness!
Wear your favorite hat!
Kindness Challenge: Tell a friend 5 things you like about them!!

Thursday: “Emojin” a world full of kindness!
Wear yellow or your favorite emoji gear!
Kindness Challenge: Invite a new friend to play with you at recess!

Friday : Spread love and kindness!
Wear red and pink to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Heart Healthy Week!
Kindness Challenge: Visit the Appreciation Station outside the Counseling Suite!

February 2 Center for Puppetry Arts

Thanks to Mrs. Hager for our January door.

First grade will be going to the Center for Puppetry Arts this Wednesday, February 5.  Students will be wearing their class shirts; I have most t-shirts in the classroom; I will send e-mails out tomorrow for students whose shirts are at home.  If your child is bringing a lunch from home, please make sure to send it in disposable containers.  If your child is purchasing a school lunch, a brown bag lunch will be provided for our trip.

Watch for information to come home this week in your child’s folder about our Valentine’s Exchange.

December 29 Happy New Year

Hope that all our families are enjoying a relaxing and fun break.  I am a sitting by a pool, enjoying Florida weather and preparing to begin a new year in first grade!  I have finally had an opportunity to sort through pictures of fun activities from the first part of the year and have uploaded some of the best to our photo gallery.  Enjoy some reminiscing as we finish up 2019.  I know the next year will bring lots of challenges and excitement in first grade – hope your family enjoys the best year yet!!  Happy new year!!!

December 18 Holiday Thanks

Thanks to all our families for making our holiday celebration extraordinary.
To Mrs. Miller for our wonderful welcoming door
To Mrs. Hager and Mrs. Roach for planning a delicious and exciting party, including pancakes, slime, and popping snowman
To all our volunteers, who faced the sticky hands and delighted screams with smiles
To all the families who donated items to help make our party a success
To our children and their families for their fun and unique Santa bag stuffers

December 16 Holiday Week Update

Our holiday party will be this Wednesday, December 18 from 9:15 to about 11:00.  Feel free to stop by to enjoy the celebration.

If your child wishes to bring in treats or small gifts for our Santa bags, please send them in your child’s bookbag no later than Wednesday morning (we will be “delivering ” our surprises early that morning).  Please send in 26 goodies – see December 8 post for details.

Just a reminder – Thursday, December 19 and Friday, December 20 are early release days.  Students will be released at 12:30.

December 8 Santa Bags

Students will be making Santa Bags this week to prepare for our holiday party.  Each child is encouraged to bring in 26 small items/treats place in the bag of classmates. Some ideas are pencils, holiday erasers, pencil sharpeners, books, balls, small toys, candy canes, snack treats, stickers, ornaments, note pads, crayons, markers, games, and other desk items or goodies. You may even want to wrap the items in wrapping paper, tissue, or foil. Creativity is appreciated!

The children may bring their Santa bag stuffers in on Thursday, December 12 through Tuesday, December 17.

November 12 CHES Book Fair

The CHES Book Fair will continue through this Friday, November 15.  If you would like your child to purchase books, you can send in cash or set up an e-wallet, and I will send them down in the morning to choose books.  The book fair will also be opened in the morning prior to our Thanksgiving lunch, if you would like to visit.  For more information about hours, merchandise and setting up an e-wallet visit the following link.  Happy reading!

CHES Book Fair



November 3 Thanksgiving Lunch Schedule

Families are invited to join their children for a special Thanksgiving lunch next week.  Each grade level is scheduled for a particular day over the course of three days.  We ask that families only attend on the day of their own child’s lunch, as we will be rearranging the lunchroom and eating in our rooms on other days to accommodate families on their given days. The schedule for first grade is as follows:

Wednesday, November 13 Pizza Day

Thursday, November 14 Sack Lunch

Friday, November 15 Thanksgiving Lunch with Families

October 20 Red Ribbon Week Begins

You are invited to participate in a week of spirit to celebrate our choice to be drug free!

Monday, 10/21 Proud to be Drug Free – Wear red!

Tuesday, 10/22 Peace Out to Drugs – Wear peace signs and/or tie dye!

Wednesday, 10/23 Team Up Against Drugs – Wear favorite team gear! Note: First grade will be changing into class shirts for our fieldtrip to Sparkles Skating Rink.

Thursday, 10/24 Lei Off Drugs – Wear lei and/or Hawaiian clothes!

Friday, 10/25 Our School Chooses to be Drug Free – Wear school spirit shirt or school colors!

September 8 End of Testing – Yeah!

Thanks so much to all the families who donated “brain food” for our testing week.  The children enjoyed the extra snack, and it helped keep their tummies from growling during testing.  The children did a great job sitting still, being quiet, and thinking through the problems on the test.  I was very proud of them.

I hope you enjoyed playing Bump with your student.  Bump is a great way to build addition fluency.  As the year goes on, we will move to numbers to 20 with three dice AND use number dice instead of dot dice.  I find that games are the best tool for helping students memorize math facts.

This week, we are back to normal; so, expect reading homework this week.  Also, we will be going to the Learning Commons to check out books on Thursday, so please make sure to send your child’s books back to school by then, if you have not already.

If you have not already, please remember to send in fieldtrip payments this week.  Remember, you can pay the first semester balance of $18 now and send in the remaining payment in January.  If you would like your child to have a class shirt, it is essential that you send in the $4 t-shirt fee by Wednesday, September 11.  T-shirts will be ordered only once, at the end of this week, for students who have paid in advance.

Finally, we will be finishing up our Boosterthon Celebrations this week, according to the following schedule.  I will send home reminders in the children’s folders.

Tuesday, September 10  Hat Day

Wednesday, September 11  20 Minutes Extra Recess

Thursday, September 12  Fluffy Friend Day