September 8 End of Testing – Yeah!

Thanks so much to all the families who donated “brain food” for our testing week.  The children enjoyed the extra snack, and it helped keep their tummies from growling during testing.  The children did a great job sitting still, being quiet, and thinking through the problems on the test.  I was very proud of them.

I hope you enjoyed playing Bump with your student.  Bump is a great way to build addition fluency.  As the year goes on, we will move to numbers to 20 with three dice AND use number dice instead of dot dice.  I find that games are the best tool for helping students memorize math facts.

This week, we are back to normal; so, expect reading homework this week.  Also, we will be going to the Learning Commons to check out books on Thursday, so please make sure to send your child’s books back to school by then, if you have not already.

If you have not already, please remember to send in fieldtrip payments this week.  Remember, you can pay the first semester balance of $18 now and send in the remaining payment in January.  If you would like your child to have a class shirt, it is essential that you send in the $4 t-shirt fee by Wednesday, September 11.  T-shirts will be ordered only once, at the end of this week, for students who have paid in advance.

Finally, we will be finishing up our Boosterthon Celebrations this week, according to the following schedule.  I will send home reminders in the children’s folders.

Tuesday, September 10  Hat Day

Wednesday, September 11  20 Minutes Extra Recess

Thursday, September 12  Fluffy Friend Day


September 2 – CogAT Testing

We will be having CogAT testing this week from Wednesday, September 4 through Friday, September 6.  Testing can be stressful as children need to sit still and be quiet for a long period of time, so we will try to make this week a balance of hard work and fun!  There will be no reading homework (I encourage you to read with your child!), and I will be sending home a math game for you to play together.  In addition, parents have gotten together to provide special morning treats to help make sure tummy’s are full before we start testing each morning.

Here are some suggestions to help your student be prepared for testing.

* Please make sure your child is at school on time. Children do best when the rest of the day is as routine as possible.
* Encourage your child to exercise his/her mind and body each evening. Outdoor playtime helps clear heads and energizes the brain. Reading aloud to children is a great way to prepare for test taking. It allows children to practice listening and is a wonderful way to relax and de-stress.
* Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep, so they are able to concentrate and remain alert throughout the long testing time.
* Please make sure your child has a good, balanced breakfast each morning. Studies suggest that orange juice and proteins are great brain foods.
* Give your child extra hugs and encouragement this week. Some test questions can be difficult, and teachers can provide no assistance, so the children need to know “they can do it!”