May 5, 2020

Dear Stellar First Grade Students,

Joke for the Day: What musical instrument is found in the bathroom?  Answer:  A “tuba” toothpaste.

This week we are learning about partitions.  You divide things into partitions when you break them into equal parts.  That made me think of pizza!  When my family has pizza, we all want to have the same size piece, so we have to divide our pizza into partitions.  We have two people in our family, so we need two equal parts; we cut our pizza into halves.  If you have four people in your family, you will need four equal parts, so you will need to cut your pizza into fourths.

If you have some extra time this week, visit this site Pizza Partitions, and you learn how to make your own pretend pizza and cut it into partitions.

Have fun.  Love, Mrs. Wood