Music At Home Learning- Week of May 4th, 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope that you all had an enjoyable weekend and were able to go outside for a walk or something fun, it was beautiful! Below you will find an introduction video for this week’s activity and then a video for you to watch and follow along with as we go through a new app. These apps are FREE and you do not  have to sign up,  which is one reason I love them! Hope you enjoy them. Please let me know  if you have any questions, or if you want to share with me what you are doing  at home. I’d love to hear from you guys!

-Mr. Plymel

Music Update- Week of April 20th!

Hello parents and students! I hope that you all are hanging in there at home and staying healthy. Hopefully you all were able to check out the virtual field trip to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra last Friday. If not, check the music blog and go see it!

This week, be on the lookout on your teacher’s Fun Friday Boards for a music lesson on how to create  your own music videos! I will be doing a tutorial on how to take your videos and add music, pictures, and words to make them even cooler!

Stay safe everyone! I miss you guys!!!!

-Mr. Plymel

National Field Day (May 8th)

National Field Day will occur on May 8th! Since we are not going to be at school to participate in Field Day, OPEN Phys Ed is creating events for you to do at home for National Field Day! We will be sending these through email and posting them here on the blog! You will also see your PE teachers playing these fun games. Be sure to use the score sheet to record your scores for each game. Please have your parents read the Parent Letter for information on National Field Day.

Here are 5 National Field Day Activities for you to practice and have fun with.

Use this Practice Plan to answer some questions and keep your score for the activities.

Please remember to send us or your classroom teacher pictures or videos of you doing these activities! We can’t wait to see your scores! You can send them to,, or

Check Each Specialist Blog for NEW UPDATES!!!

First, I want to say that we miss you guys so very much! Each one of your specialist teachers are so sad that we will not be going back to school! We hope that you guys keep coming to our blogs and checking out the cool things we have listed for your at home learning. Also, please send us any pictures or videos of you making art, playing instruments or singing, doing any fun P.E. activity, or any of the STEAM or Math Lab lessons. We would love to see what you guys are up to and see your hard work. We love and miss you!!!!


Your Specialist Team

Mrs. Alvarez – ART –

Mr. Plymel – MUSIC –

Coach Money – P.E. –

Coach Kraus – P.E. –

Mrs. Harrell – Math Lab –

Mr. Splawski – STEAM –

Coach Staebler – P.E. –

Music at Home- Week 3 Update (March 30th)

Hello everyone! Mr. Plymel here. I wanted to check-in to see how everyone is doing with the At-Home Learning for music? Hopefully you’ve been accessing some of the resources from the Music blog and playing some of the music games to continue building skills while away from the music room! I wanted to let you all know that tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be able to get into the music room at school to bring some instruments back home with me. This will be great for the lessons moving forward! So with that in mind, be on the lookout for this week’s lessons on Wednesday. Send me a quick email to let me know how things are going! I’d love to hear from some of you!

PE: Week of March 30, 2020

Welcome to Week 3 of Digital Learning, Jaguars! We hope that you’re continuing to do physical activity at home. Please use the following workouts for this week. Remember, you can also use Fresh Start Fitness on GoNoodle to get a good workout in. We hope you’re staying safe and enjoying time with your families! Remember to stay active!

Monday March 30

-30 seconds jog in place

-29 seconds wall sit

-28 jump and twist

-27 skips

-26 frog leaps

Tuesday March 31

-31 second army crawl

-30 quick jumps

-29 seconds of free dance

-28 heel/calf raise

-27 kicks/leg lift

Wednesday April 1

-1 min of pushups

-2 min curl ups

-3 laps around your house

-4 mountain climbers

-5 high jumps

Thursday April 2

-2 lunges hold for 10 seconds

-3 wall sits 30 sec. each

-4 wall push ups

-5 reverse lunges

-6 high jumps

Friday April 3

-3 crab kicks

-4 1 arm pushup

-5 triceps dips on a chair

-6 ellipticals

-7 jump and turn

Encore Bingo

Encore Bingo has something fun from each specialist! We would love for you guys to take pictures, make drawings, & videos of yourself completing the different task! Please email us your pictures! 

Monday, March 23 P.E.

Happy Monday Jaguars!

Start your day off with today’s workout from the calendar:

-23 jumps in place

-22 seconds jog in place

-21 knee raises

-20 lunges

-19 burpees

For our K-2 students, we thought it would be a great time to review shoe tying. Here’s a video with a short song to help you remember the steps. Remember to keep practicing! That’s the only way you’re going to get better at tying your shoes!