Good Morning Rockets! I hope you all had a great weekend. This week I’ve added one activity for the entire week. The activity has 5 challenges that you can do at home. I would like for you to attempt a minimum of 2 of the 5. Each activity requires you to be creative and come up with your own version of something. So, think outside the box and use your creativity. Don’t forget to check back each day for new updates. Have a great day!



Happy Thursday! We are only 1 day away from out Virtual National Field Day. Tonight at 7:30 pm on you can watch the lighting of the Field Day Torch. I have posted the final set of Field Day activities down below for you to practice. Remember to pick the ones you would like to participate in and do your best! Also, today is School Spirit Day, so wear your favorite Vaughan Rockets t-shirt and post a picture on Twitter and tag us @Vaughan_PE or @VaughanRockets.

Field Day Activities 4


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

We are 2 days away from our National Virtual Field Day! Today is practice day 3 and the 3rd set of activities are posted below. Please check them out and start practicing for Friday. You can also check out the videos on the “OPEN Field Day 2020” page for demonstrations of the activities.

Also, today is Career Day for spirit week. Post a picture of your future career and tag us on Twitter @Vaughan_PE and @VaughanRockets #NationalFieldDay.

Field Day Activities 3

Tuesday Cinco de Mayo

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today is Day 2 of our Virtual Field Day practice. The 2nd set of activities have been posted below. Check these out and practice all or some of them, whichever ones you have the equipment for. Also don’t forget, today is – Healthy Snack Day (Share a picture of your favorite snack). Tag us on Twitter @Vaughan_PE and @VaughanRockets.

Field Day Activities 2

Hope everyone has a great day!


Happy Monday Everyone! Today is Practice Day 1 for our Virtual Field Day this coming Friday. You will find the first set of activities posted down below. Check them out and practice them to get ready for Friday. If you don’t have all the equipment for an activity, just skip it and try the next one. Don’t forget to check out the OPEN Field Day page for more resources. You can also check out the National Field Day Torch Run Day 1 Video here…. Field Day Torch Run 1

Also, this week is Spirit Week and today is Exercise Day – (Share a picture or video of your favorite exercise). Pose on Twitter and tag us @Vaughan_PE and @VaughanRockets #NationalFieldDay

Field Day Activities 1

OPENPHYSED Field Day Activities Videos

OPENPHYSED Field Day Activities Videos YOUTUBE

You can also check out

Field Day!

Good Morning Rockets! I have some good news….we will be having Field Day this year, it’ll just be a little different. OPEN PhysEd is the organization that is putting on our virtual field day.  Not only are they hosting our field day, but they have some awesome everyday activity resources that you can do at home. So, if you are looking for more activities, don’t like the ones I’m posting, or just want to be more active check their resources out. You can access their resources by clicking this link: OPEN PhysEd Our virtual Field Day will be next Friday, May 8th. This will all be put on by the OPEN PhysEd organization. I will be posting the practice activities that OPEN PhysEd is posting on their site. Next week, Monday – Thursday will be practice days. You can also check out the new page I added “OPEN PhysEd Field Day 2020” for the activities.


Happy Wednesday Everyone! Looks like today is going to be a little rainy in the afternoon. If you can get outside and play before the rain that would be great! Here is an awesome activity you can do indoors or outdoors. Its called Yoga Freeze Dance. Check out the video below. Hope you all have a great Wednesday!


Good Morning Rockets! Looks to be another beautiful day outside. I encourage everyone to make it a point to go outside to day and be active. I have posted a fun activity for you to try outside today. All you will need is some chalk. The game is called “The Floor is Lava.” Check out the video down below for instructions to the game. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everybody had a great weekend and ready to kick off another fantastic week of digital learning. I have an awesome game for you guys to try today. this game can be played inside or outside and does not require to much equipment. Check out the video below to see how it’s set up and played. Hope you all enjoy this. It is definitely a game I will be trying out at home with my kids!


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Happy Rainy Thursday! Looks like today is going to be rainy and stormy all day. But that’s ok because I have posted an awesome indoor activity for you. You’re going to be practicing some tossing skills. All you need is a couple of rolled up pairs of socks and a laundry basket….